Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Forum

You might be being directed to the new JGraph forum at, as if you weren't bored enough already of us changing things about this week. The forum is a implementation, with lots more white space, we like white space. The basic idea is this: it replaces the old forum, the bug tracker and the feature request web site with a single voting style forum. Why? Because the voting system applies to all three systems and people tended not to use the bug tracker or feature requester.

The new forum makes voted up questions and answers more relevant to searches, providing a better result than a dumb keyword search. The feature requests uses a voting system, so that idea ports easily. And bugs can be voted for,  indicating the importance of getting them fixed.

And how do we separate out only bugs if we're looking for existing problems? Tags. Everything is tagged, by product, "JGraphX", "mxGraph". By nature, "bug", "feature". Even by platform, "Windows","IE". This gives us an organic organization of information all in one place, a self organizing knowledge base, if you will.

In additional, OSQA supports using external logins to register with the site, nobody wants yet another login and password on yet another system. This forum let's the community say who is useful and who is noise, voting applies karma to users and you can quickly see whether is user is respected in the community as a general indication of the quality of their answers.

The current feature requests and bugs will be imported to the new forum manually. Unfortunately, getting the context right from the old phpBB forum is a lot harder and it won't it possible to import from there. However, the old forum will be left intact in read-only mode for reference.

Any questions, just post them on the forum.


  1. I like the new forum, particularly the karma system...


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