Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mobile Device Support, Native or HTML 5 Canvas?

All the rage now currently is support for mobile device, phones and tablets specifically. Is it the next big thing that we should all develop for? Do you need your workflow editor to work on a 4 inch touchscreen? I doubt it. Sure there are plenty of applications that make sense on smartphones, interactive diagramming most likely isn't one of them. Viewing diagrams, panning through them, maybe selecting cells, possibly. But this is possible using an image map and the processing on the server side.

Tablets are another matter. 7-10 inch screens make interaction possible, in fact, the whole process of diagram creation should be fundamentally different. But you'll see what I mean by that in the touchscreen examples we'll be releasing next year.

The question we're hearing a lot at the moment is are we going to support mobile platforms natively (iOS, Andriod, Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows Mobile), or are we going to aim at getting mxGraph running on HTML 5 canvas and just have one implementation?

The second option would seem to be the obvious one, however, browsers implement things very differently. What looks like one JavaScript implementation in mxGraph is actually a heavyweight effort to smooth over the differences between browser under the hood of the mxGraph API. HTML 5 canvas is no different in this regard, the implementations vary wildly and the functionality available in HTML 5 canvas is really quite limited, especially when it comes to font rendering. 

On the iPad, for example, there isn't really any concept of a view port, from our initial investigations. This means having the graph extend beyond the visible region isn't possible with our current canvas prototype, and that will be some considerable effort to implement.

Ultimately, the question is do we focus on one thing that we consider to be our core work, or spread our bets amongst all the possible platforms? Our commercial strategy has always been to focus, even if the technology has started as being very niche. Why support the Java visualization client in addition? Because we always have and it serves as a very useful prototyping platform for us. Will Flash make it to production, no.

Production-wise the focus is do one thing and do it well. Doing one thing is the easy bit, just be too lazy to do a second...

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  1. I think the effort to go for HTML5 will be the right choice in the long-term...